Leroy Osmon - The Music of Leroy Osmon

... an eclectic, compelling, significant composer ...

Leroy Osmon Vol. 5

[The Garden of Earthly Delights]

The Music of Leroy Osmon - Vol. 5


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Leroy Osmon
"One of the most significant contributions to wind band literature in the past 100 years."
The Garden of Earthly Delights, Premiere, July 15, 2015 WASBE Conference, San Jose, California
"Some of the most interesting colors and textures ever heard in a band work."
Dr. Charles A. Wiley speaking about the Symphony for Winds and Percussion
"So beautiful, it brought me to tears every time I conducted it."
David Bertman on Act III, The Garden of Earthly Delights
"Leroy Osmon's Tuba music is in a class by itself. Bravo!"
Ady Cohen, award-winning composer in reference to Tuba Concerto No. 3
"Beautiful and mysterious."
Jeanne Waters, artist. Concerto for Alto Saxophone
"Glorious piece, so deep and moving."
Bavat Marom, internationally-known opera star speaking about the Rhapsody for Viola, Piano and Strings
"How beautiful to discover a composer who dare writes melody and such beautiful music in our time."
Isabelle Oehmichen-Berczi, concert pianist on A Lonely Moment Wakens