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Chamber Works

World Premiere at Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana

World Premiere at Hacienda Xcanatún by Angsana

5 Poems by Aracely Loeza Frías

5 Poems by Aracely Loeza Frías, during the event “A Celebration in Music”

Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Cello and 8 Percussionists

Phil Barham, Alto Sax, Eric Willie, Conductor, and the Tenn. Tech Univ. Percussion Ensemble

Suite for Solo Cello

Jonathan Hennessy-Brown, soloist

Modinha for Debra in May for Solo Cello

Veselin Dechev, soloist

A Rocky Headland Amid Wild Winds (Brass Choir)

Cincinnati Conservatory, Timothy Northcut, Conductor

Log Rhythms for Percussion Sextet

University of Houston Percussion Ensemble

Sonatina for Trumpet and Viola (Movement II. Largo, Molto Espressivo)

Viola Nikolay Dimitrov, Trumpet Robert Myers

Fantasies for Solo Clarinet

Paolo Dorio Clarinet

The Kole Suite (A Duet for Flute and Violin) Movement 4, 5 & 6

And a dancer makes three 

Tuba, Marimba


Sinfonia Concertante for 10 Musicians

Frescos de Bonampak (Octet No. 2)

Introduction and Allegro 

Prelude:  A Dream I’ve Had

Symphony No. 4

 Tuba/Perc. Ens.

The Griggs Suite for Alto Sax and Percussion

The Morris Suite for Horn, Euphonium & Tuba

Three Poems by Hugh Scott

 Solo Sop., Fl., B. Clar.,Hn. and Cello


 Mezzo Sop. and Sop. Sax

Zeraim from the Book of Ruth

Solo Sop. Sax, Mez Sop., Fl., B. Clar., Hn., Cello and Perc.

Music for Five Winds

WW. Quintet

3 Poems for Children

Mezzo Sop., Wind Quartet

Y cuando me haya ido

Sop. and Chamber Ensemble